A record of the Public executions in Chester from  1558 to 1900 by hanging, pressing or shooting.

Some startling stories are behind many of the people in this list, some sad and some shocking. Where the text mentions “hung in chains” this means the dead body being hung up in a gibbet after the execution, a common practise for especially foul deeds.

Year Details
1554 George Marsh burnt at Spital, Boughton
1558 Sept. 8th. A woman burnt at Boughton for poisoning her husband
1559 John Taylor – Gaoler of the Castle guilty of the murder of Mr. Hockenhaff, a Catholic prisoner in his custody for recusancy
1592 William Geaton – servant to the Bishop of Chester – his body hung on chains on Grappenhall Heath
1601 A woman named Candy was pressed to death at Chester Castle
1602 Arnet servant of Saltney Side hung
1654 Sir Timothy Featherstonhaugh shot in the Corn Market of Chester by order of Parliament. Sir Timothy was a Royalist
1750 Two Irishmen executed – gibbeted at Two Mills
1768 Three men hung for burglary
1776 May 4th Execution of James Knight for murder
1776 Sept 21st Christopher Lawless. Isaac Hutchinson, Alexander Solomon and Isaac Josephs executed for robbing the shop of Mr Pemberton, jeweller. They were buried behind the Rodney Cop opposite Overleigh
1777 April 10th S. Thorley executed for the murder of Ann Smith, a ballad singer near Congleton. He cut off her head and part of her he actually broiled and ate. He was hung in chains on the Heath
1779 April 16th William Ellis for burglary
1779 William Loom for discharging a loaded pistol at Charles Warren
1779 Oct 2nd Sarah Jones for stealing 28 yds of chintz
1783 Resolution Heap and Martha Brown for burglary
1784 Elizabeth Wood for poisoning
1784 May15th John Oakes hung for coining
1786 May 6th Execution of Peter Steens
1786 Oct 1st Execution of Edwart Holt
1786 October 6th Execution of Thomas Hyde aged 35yrs for horse stealing
1786 Execution of James Buckley for burglary in Newgate Street
1786 Execution of Thomas Buckley aged 20 yrs
1789 Thomas Hoate for the murder of John Parry a constable in Handbridge – on the gallows he charged his wife with infidelity (she was 70 yrs of age)
1790 John Dean for the murder of his wife who was 7 months pregnant
1791 April 21st Execution of Lowndes for robbing the Warrington Mail. He was hung in chains at Helsby Hill
1796 April 30th Thomas Brown and James Price for robbing the Warrington Mail. They were hung in chains at Trafford Green and remained there until 1820. In the skull of Price was found a robin’s nest.
1798 John Thornhill for the murder of his sweetheart
1798 October 4th Peter Martin for firing at a boat’s crew of the Actaeona in the Mersey employed in the impress service
1800 Thomas Bosworth for forgery
1800 Alexander Horton for felony
1800 Oct 12th Mary Lloyd for forgery
1801 May 9th Thompson, Morgan and Clare for burglary.
1801 Oct 3rd Aaron Gee and Thomas Gibson hung out of a temporary window way on the south side of the old Northgate. They were propelled from the window about 5 feet and dropped near 40 inches
1809 May 6th Execution of George Glover and William Proudlove in front of the House of Correction for shooting at an excise officer. The drop was used for the first time and the rope broke. New ropes were procured and the sentence carried out about 1 hour later
1810 May 2nd John Done was executed for the murder of Betty Eckersley, a woman of bad character. He denied the offence to his last moment.
1810 Oct 1st Smith and Clarke for burglary. They were buried in St Martins Churchyard
1813 Edith Morney for the murder of her husband. Immediately after conviction she pleaded pregnancy and a jury of matrons pronounced her quick with child.
1813 June 26th William Wilkinson. James Yarwood and William Burgess for a rape on Mary Porter near Weston Point
1813 Simeon Betson. William Berson and James Renshaw for burglary.
1814 May 28th William Wilson aged 70yrs for arson. The man caused a stir before and at the execution.
1815 April 22nd Griffith and Wood for burglary
1817 May 10th Joseph Allen for uttering Bank of England Notes
1818 Abraham Rostern and Isaac Moors for burglary
1818 Sept 26th John Moor for burglary
1819 May 8th Joseph Walker – highway robbery
1819 Sept 25th Samuel Hooley and Jon Johnson (a man of colour) for burglary
1820 Jacob McGhinnies for shooting Mr Birch
1820 Sept 16th Ralph Ellis for burglary and William Ricklington for setting fire to a rectory house at Coddington
1821 May 5th Samuel Healey for highway robbery at Stockport
1822 May 4th William Tongue for a rape on an infant
1822 George Groom for highway robbery
1822 Sept 14th Thomas Brierley for highway robbery
1823 April 14th Samuel Fallows for the murder of his sweetheart
1823 May 20th John Kragan for a rape on an infant
1823 Sept 13th Edward Clarke for highway robbery
1824 April 21st Joseph Dale for murder
1824 April 21st Joseph Dale for murder
1826 April 26th Philip McGowan for robbery and Abraham Stones for robbing Mr Marsden. A gentleman of upwards of 70yrs of age near Cow Lane Bridge. On this occasion the apparatus for execution was removed from the east to the west of the city gaol
1826 Aug 26th John Green for burglary
1829 May 9th John Proudlove for highway robbery
1829 John Levi for burglary
1829 Sept 26th Joseph Woodhouse for a rape on his own daughter
1829 Joseph Henshall for firing at gamekeepers
1832 Samuel Cumberledge for arson
1834 John Carr for felonious shooting
1834 James Mason for attempting to procure a miscarriage
1841 Bartholemew Mourray for murder
1843 James Ratcliffe for the murder of his wife at Stockport on the previous 22nd June.
1844 Mary Gallop for poisoning her father at Crewe
1848 William Bates for murder
1856 Dec 26th William Jackson native of Handbridge for the murder of his two children, Mary Jane aged 7 and John aged 6, by cutting their throats and afterwards burying their bodies in a pit in Richard Roger’s orchard. Old Wrexham Road. –
1857 John Blagg for the murder of John Bebbington a gamekeeper
1861 Martin Doyle for cutting and wounding (with intent to kill) Jane Brogine at Holmes Chapel
1862 Alice Hewitt for the murder of her mother, Mary Bailey, at Stockport
1866 April 23rd Samuel Griffiths for the murder of Isaac Newport at Dunham