A delightful party from Hong Kong were among the 303 visitors to Warrington Police Museum’s second Wednesday Open Day.

Cheshire Museum of Policing, in Arpley Street, is staging two further Open Days, Wednesday August 23 and Wednesday August 30 from 10am to 3pm.

On Wednesday the Hong Kong guests, who moved from their home country to Warrington in October last year, were keen to compare Cheshire Constabulary with their native force.

Visiting were Lolita, with her children Elsa (5) and Gianna (9), and Mandy, with her children Macon (6) and Mavis (8).

Lolita said: “Since we moved to Warrington and settled in Great Sankey, we have been made very welcome by the community.”

She said the children love school, but surprising not the school holidays

Mavis said: “Yes, I miss school and doing the lessons. I like skipping, chatting to my friends and the lunch.

“Today, I really enjoyed the museum…I especially liked seeing the police car which is very similar to those in Hong Kong.”

The children enjoyed dressing up in the police helmets and capes, and seeing the exhibits especially the police motorbike and car.

Lolita and Mandy were pleased to learn how police in the UK are a real part of the community, and both enjoyed finding out about police work.

Lolita said: “It’s good for us and the children to find about more about the history of the police here and the differences compared with Hong Kong police. Everyone here has made us very welcome.”

Photo Shows:

(Top left to right) Lolita and Mandy, (front left to right) Elsa, Gianna, Macon and Mavis.