A chance conversation led to a “white -knuckle ride” for Police Museum volunteer Ann Boyd.

Former PC Ann got chatting to Insp Ruth Atherton, Warrington LPU Inspector, during a museum tour – and it was decided she should go on out patrol to see how the job had changed over the years.

PC Matt Clarke, son of museum volunteers Chris and Donna, agreed to be in the driving seat for Ann’s return to duties.

Kitted out in body suit, high viz jacket and her “detail” and old-fashioned handbag used by officers in her day – borrowed from a mannequin at the museum – she set off for the shift.

But all wasn’t as Ann expected…

“We got in the car and immediately received a blue- light call to Gorse Covert” said Ann.

“I felt like Sonic the hedgehog as I was thrust back into the seat and my carefully arranged hair streamed behind my head.”

She said it was a nerve-wracking journey, as the pair sped through the busy traffic. Ann said she had absolute faith in Matt, but the speed was a shock and her toes were scrunched in the boots.

When they arrived at the scene, Ann said: “My legs felt like jelly, but I had to get out of the car and appear the cool and calm officer.”

Ann started as a PC in 1969, when there was only 4 female officers and one woman in CID. She said her “appointment” a black shoulder bag containing a pocket book, part of the radio (the other half clipped to her uniform), handcuffs and a small truncheon, was inspected on parade each day.

During her shift with Matt, Ann rode on three blue light calls. She really enjoyed the day…but says it’s an experience she won’t be volunteering for again!