Chester City Police records

At the Museum we have a small but fascinating collection of images from the Charge Books of Chester jail, mostly dated in the late 19th Century.

Mary Hughes

April 3rd 1871. 

Offence neglecting a child. Sentence to 4 months

George Blake

7th October 1873

Offence stealing clothes. Sentenced to 2 months

Jason Preston

September 8th 1870

Offence stealing clothes. Sentenced to 3 months hard labour

Richard Taylor


Offence stealing a decanter of brandy. Sentence to 1 months

John Dohery

3rd July 1871

Offence robbery from the person (probably pickpocketing) Sentenced to 15 months

Richard Norcott

February 13th 1872

Offence stealing whiskey. Sentenced to 6 months

Anne Edge

10th February 1872

Offence stealing a blanket, sheet etc. . Sentence to 4 (unreadable) hard labour

Mary Bird


Offence stealing a watch and strap. Sentence to 18 months  hard labour. Remarks: previously convicted 3 times

John Murphy

14th January 1872

Offence stealing a coat and scarf. Sentenced not stated

Joseph Williams

19th December 1873

Offence stealing leather. Sentence 2 months  hard labour

Jason Walsh

21st January 1871

Offence stealing nineteen shillings and threepence.  Sentenced {unreadable}

Henry Smith

21st December 1870

Offence Embezzling £14.00. Sentenced 3 months

Thomas Pierpoint

6th November 1971

Offence Embezzlement. Sentenced to 6  months hard  labour

George Trainer

20th November 1872

Offence stealing a pair of boots  Sentenced 1 month hard labour

John Burke

27th January 1870

Offence Stealing a purse and £6 from the person. Sentenced 6 months