Cheshire Constabulary is offering people the chance to follow in the footsteps of Roman Soldiers.

For the force is joining organisations throughout the world in creating its own Challenge Coin – a memento initially started by the Romans.

The idea was instigated by Cheshire Museum of Policing in Warrington following a visit by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Museum deputy manager Len Cotterell said: “Boris enjoyed the tour and as a token of thanks his Protection Officers presented Challenge Coins to volunteers, including our manager Peter Hampson.

“The team were thrilled with the tokens and together with HQ Communications set to work on creating a set for the museum.”

The beautifully designed Challenge Coin is now available at a cost of £10 plus £3 package and posting.

One side features the map of the county crossed with the words Cheshire Constabulary. A band around the coin lists the force’s areas – Warrington, Halton, Cheshire East, Chester and Cheshire West. On the other side is Cheshire Constabulary emblem complete with shield and crown, circled by the police black and white checked design.

It is believed that Challenge Coins were first used by the Romans to reward soldiers. They were taken up by the Military in WW1 and in the USA to honour Vietnam Veterans.

Police forces followed with the idea to recognise officers’ camaraderie and to encourage the community to identify with the force and recognise its excellence.

Coins are always presented by a handshake, not by a grand ceremony. They are now also presented at community events, such as a 10k run, to recognise police involvement and reward participants.

In Cheshire 200 sets of the coins are available and are expected to be highly popular both in the force and the community.

For further details or to order a sent please telephone the museum on 01606 365803 or email