A PRIVILEDGED invitation to walk along Downing Street and stand outside Number 10 proved an opportunity not to be missed for Peter Hampson.

Peter, manager of the Museum of Policing in Cheshire, has hosted visits by two high profile politicians at the Warrington site.

In October 2021 former Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to the museum, and had a tour with Peter, museum deputy manager Len Cotterell, and other volunteers.

Recently Home Secretary Suella Braverman visited Warrington to thank Cheshire Police Officers who were first responders to the scene of the murder of transgender woman Brianna Ghey.

The Home Secretary later enjoyed a tour of the museum led by Peter.

“During the visit I was talking to her Personal Protection Officers,” said Peter. “We swapped cards, and they invited me to go to Downing Street when I was in London.”

Peter and former colleague Peter Howl, 84, who was his mentor when he was a young officer, remained friends over the years. The two men had a trip planned to London, so decided to take up the offer.

Peter Hampson visited Downing Street when he was a child, but for many years the road has been fenced off and closed to the public.

“It was fantastic to walk down Downing Street again,” he said. “And it was absolutely brilliant to stand outside the famous door.”

During his London visit Peter and his friend were also able to visit Scotland Yard. They were impressed by the building, and spent time on the eighth floor admiring the view of London.

“It was quite an amazing time,” said Peter, “and quite surreal to visit two iconic sights. We had a fantastic time and will remember the trip for ever.”