A Summer relaunch of a prestigious Cheshire Constabulary souvenir starts this month.

Scores of the specially designed Challenge Coins flew off the shelves when they were launched in January.

Now Cheshire Museum of Policing in Warrington is offering a second chance to buy one or more of the specially designed coins – ideal for anyone interested in the force or the county.

During a visit by former PM Boris Johnson to the museum, two of his protection officers presented Challenge Coins to the volunteers he met. 

Soon afterwards coins were produced for the museum and are again for sale at £10 each plus £3 packaging a posting. At present people can buy an unlimited number, so they are ideal gifts for family and friends.

One side features the map of the county crossed with the words Cheshire Constabulary. A band around the coin lists the force’s areas – Warrington, Halton, Cheshire East, Chester and Cheshire West. On the other side is Cheshire Constabulary emblem complete with shield and crown, circled by the police black and white checked design.

It is believed that Challenge Coins were first used by the Romans to reward soldiers. They were taken up by the Military in WW1 and in the USA to honour Vietnam Veterans.

Police forces followed with the idea to recognise officers’ camaraderie and to encourage the community to identify with the force and recognise its excellence.

For further details or to order a sent please telephone the museum on 01606 365803 or email peter.hampson@cheshire.police.uk