A knock on the door one quiet afternoon took Brian and Maria Humphries by surprise.

For the visitor was their son Dave, making a flying trip to Warrington from his home in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

And during his short stay they toured Warrington Police Museum, hosted by family friend manager Peter Hampson.

Brian and Maria emigrated to the USA in 1985 when Dave was just 13, they came back to the UK three years ago and settled in Woolston. Dave stayed in the USA with his American wife Julie and their children. He is a special education teacher in a high school.

“I love the sunshine and the American lifestyle,” he said. “I like surfing and beaches… we often holiday in California.”

It was 91 degrees Fahrenheit when he left, so it was a shock to land in England.

During his time in the UK Dave enjoyed a visit to Liverpool to watch his favourite football team play which he said was “awesome.” He also enjoyed tucking in to fish and chips.

Their visit to the museum was a chance to catch up with Peter, who had been to the USA to visit them.

Dave said: “It’s amazing to see the history of Cheshire policing, there are so many exhibits including the uniforms, weapons and cells.

“So many police stations in the USA are in modern buildings, so it’s impressive to see the historical building.”

Photo shows (left to right) Brian, Maria, Dave and Peter.