Old tales of a drunken lady “Granny Nut” who was often wheeled on a cart to Warrington Police Station, were recalled during a visit to the Police Museum.

Mike Cooper, of Latchford, and his brother Peter, on a visit to Warrington from his home in Canberra, Australia, were impressed by the exhibits on display during their trip.

The two men grew up in Latchford in the 1950s and 1960s when Warrington Police “ruled the roost,” and many of their memories were brought to life by the tour. They were also able to collaborate a piece of family history from the 1920s and 1930s told to them by their long-gone parents.

Mike said: “One particular family story was of one of my dad’s grandmother of Irish descent, Granny Nutt, who resided in Ship Yard, off Dolman’s Lane in the centre of Warrington where Times Square now is. 

“She was a notorious drunkard and, being often disorderly as well, was often taken away on a handcart to spend a night in the cells.  In the museum we saw what may have been the handcart that was used.  Seeing that exhibit brought a bit of family legend to life and gave it some authenticity.  All part of a great morning for us.”

The two men shared memories of police officers they knew including “larger than life” character Bobby (Tom) Dooley, his nephew Geoff who was also a policeman. Geoff’s son Wade, who was also a police officer attended the same school as Mike. Wade was well known as he played 55 times for England Rugby Union.

Mike, 73, was a teacher at Bewsey High School for 19 years, then a Head Teacher in St Helens and later an Ofsted Inspector.

His brother Peter, 77, emigrated to Australia as a “£10 POM” (an emigration scheme) at the age of 21 in 1967, and has lived in Canberra with his Australian family for most of that time. He worked in the Passport Office in London before emigrating and worked for a telecoms company in Australia for 30 years.”

Mike said: “Many thanks for arranging our visit. Peter will return to Australia with more tales of his youth in Warrington. All the best with the project and thanks again to our hosts for a brilliant experience for us.”

Photo shows Mike (left) with his brother Peter (right).