A party from the Museum of Policing in Cheshire made a special trip to return a ceremonial sword to its rightful owners.

The ornate sword, engraved with the name of Liverpool Mounted Police, came into the possession of the museum in 2012.

As there was no connection with Cheshire, the Warrington team decided it should be returned to Merseyside Police.

Museum manager Peter Hampson said a visit was facilitated by Retired Chief Constable of Cheshire Darren Martland.

The Warrington group visited the new Merseyside Police Headquarters where the sword was presented to Chief Constable Serena Kennedy on Wednesday April 13.

As well as the sword the museum team also presented a special cape to their hosts. It features the Liver Bird symbols on the dog tags and chain

Peter said: “We were very well received and looked after by the Chief Constable, and they were very pleased to receive the sword.

“They will decide where to display the sword, and are possibly thinking of starting their own police museum.”

Warrington museum team present the sword to Merseyside Chief Constable Serena Kennedy. Pictured (left to right) Jeff Lawson, Peter Hampson, the Chief Constable, Will Brown and Len Cotterell (museum deputy manager).